5 Reasons to Resolve to Use a Real Estate Professional in 2019

Make sure you work with a full time professional agent for your real estate transaction in 2019. Here are 5 reasons why. Call or text me now: 703-371-9548

John Marion Real Estate Agent in Canton, GA Says Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from John Marion John Marion bobble head says hello and Merry Christmas!

What You Need to Know About REMAX Agents

4 Things You Should Know About REMAX Real Estate Agents 1. RE/MAX agents sell more real estate than any other U.S. brand. *As measured by residential transaction sides. 2. Billions of dollars have been spent promoting the RE/MAX brand and agents. Our real estate agents agents are empowered by the REMAX brand. 3. Every 30…

Agent Commission Split, Caps, and Fee Structure Part 1 Think Clearly

Agents: Think clearly about commission splits, fees, and caps. I made this video to urge you to think clearly about the split you have with your broker. YouTube VIDEO: Agent Commission Split, Caps, and Fee Structure Part 1 Think Clearly

How Agents Can Help Investors Get More Properties Under Contract

Real estate agents are normally motivated to get properties under contract for their clients but many confused about working with investors. The following information explains a strategy for investors who want to get multiple properties under contract. Prepare and Submit Offers Quickly for Real Estate Investors Real estate investors who have an aggressive acquisition strategy…

3 Things Agents Should Know About Investors

Real estate agents have an opportunity to expand their business by understanding investors and investment property. Be an Investor Friendly Agent The first thing to keep in mind about investors may seem obvious: Investors want to work with a real estate agent who is friendly toward investors. Believe if or not, many investors have difficulty…