I’m a real estate agent and investor who works with investors and an investment company to provide solutions for real estate problems. Here are solutions for your real estate problem in North Metro Atlanta!

Real Estate Solutions

Probate, Inheritance, Tax Liens, Foreclosure

Below you can read more about solutions for special circumstances such as probate, inheritance, tax liens, and foreclosure.

My solutions allow you to sell your property “as-is” without making repairs. You don’t have to get it ready to be listed on the market using typical marketing strategies. In some cases, I may buy the property myself because I’m known as The Agent Who Buys Houses.

Call or text me right now at 703-371-9548 to discuss the solutions that may be best for your situation. If you prefer, fill out the form below and I will contact you by email or phone.


As an executor or administrator of an estate you have the responsibility to make critical decisions about the sale of property in the estate. I can provide a fast sale solution for your real estate in probate. And in the case where multiple properties are involved, I will arrange for the orderly sale of the properties in a timely manner.

Get much needed cash into the estate fast!

Recent Inheritance

Your recent real estate inheritance can be sold quickly to investors. If time is on your side, you can get top dollar for your inherited property when it’s marketed properly.

If you want to keep your newly inherited property, ask me about managing it as a rental. My property management company provides a comprehensive solution for local and out-of-state landlords so you don’t have the headache of dealing with tenants directly.

Tax Liens and Mechanics Liens

Do you have a lien on your property that is difficult to pay off? My investment company can take care of your lien and put money in your pocket too!

Foreclosure Avoidance

Have you received a notice that the bank is going to foreclose on your home? Contact me right away before it gets too late. I will solve your foreclosure problem, but you must act fast in order to take advantage of the best solutions available!

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