John Marion Remax baloons.

John Marion is a Real Estate Agent with REMAX Town & Country in Canton, GA

The REMAX Hot Air Balloon fleet
is the largest in the world.

The REMAX Hot Air Balloon fleet has more than 100 balloons flying in nearly two-dozen countries across the globe.


REMAX balloons with ground below

Remax hot air balloons up in the blue sky.


"Some people don't realize that
there is more than one REMAX balloon,
when in fact the REMAX fleet of balloons is
the largest hot air balloon fleet in the world!"



REMAX hot air balloons.

Hot air balloons Remax

Uses for the REMAX Hot Air Balloon:

* Grand-opening celebrations
* Open houses
* Recruiting events
* School demonstrations
* Balloon festivals
* Parades
* Charity fundraisers
* Music/Art festivals
* Office retreats