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I'm the Agent Who Buys Houses and I understand rehabbing as a real estate investor.

If you need an investor friendly agent or are looking to add to your network of Atlanta area investors, I'm glad you found me online!

What is Rehabbing?

Rehabbing is repairing, updating, and renovating distressed real estate. Full time rehabbers often buy residential real estate and fully renovate the entire house to include:

Floor Plan Change

A rehabber can often add value to a home by changing the floor plan. This may be something as simple as opening a small kitchen doorway to a wider opening to give the living room / eat in area a more open feel which is preferred by homeowners.

Sometimes a floor plan change will involve adding rooms such a bedroom or bathroom.

New Kitchen

This includes new cabinets, new counter top, and new appliances. The countertop is often upgraded to granite.

New Bathrooms

This involves gutting the bathrooms and installing new vanity, sink, toilet and tub or shower unit. A lot of rehabbers prefer upgrading the fiberglass surround tub to a bathtub with tile surround.

New Flooring

All flooring is replaced and upgraded. Carpet is the cheapest type of flooring and many rehabbers look for opportunities to create value by installing tile flooring and hard wood floors as appropriate to the rooms and floor plan.

Fresh Paint Interior and Exterior

Rehabbers almost always paint the entire house, inside and out.

Windows and Doors

Windows are sometimes replaced, depending upon the condition of the existing windows.

Special attention is given to the front door. If a fresh coat of paint won't make it look great, a new front door is installed, often upgraded to a better quality and nicer looking one.

Interior doors usually need new hinges and door knob hardware. Doing so gives a great finishing touch along with a fresh coat of paint. The hardware and hinges are usually upgraded from the contractor grade brass to brushed nickel or a bronze finish.

Electrical Upgrades

If the electrical box needs upgrading, a good rehabber will spend the money to get it done. All rehabbing should at least include the finish electrical: new switches, new outlets / receptacles, and new lighting throughout the house.

General Home Repairs and Upgrading

Any and all repairs should be made to include roof replacement, heating and A/C replacement, wood rot, siding replacement, driveway repairs, and landscaping. Each property will have its own scope of work outlining the repairs and upgraded needed for the rehabbing project.

A Word of Caution about Homes Marketed as "Renovated"

Some homes are listed on the market as "renovated" but are not renovated as described above. I'm seeing this more with bank owned (REO) homes. After foreclosing on the house, a bank will send in crews to clean up the bathrooms and kitchen, paint the interior, and install new flooring (usually carpet and vinyl).

The result is a home that has a clean but outdated kitchen, outdated bathrooms, old looking doors, and old looking finish electrical. The goal, it seems is to get rid of the smelly carpet and make the home feel fresh and clean. Some individual investor rehabbers also have this minimal approach to home renovation

A fully renovated house with upgrades throughout will almost always have more value and will certainly be in more demand than the cheap clean up banks are doing to their homes.

Rehabbing Pictures

Here are some general pics of a few rehabbing projects. Pics include before, during, and after shots.

Rehabbing a house destroyed by fire - story and pics. This is a fire damaged house that our crews demolished and rebuilt.

Are you new to rehabbing? Atlanta, GA. If you are new to rehabbing and interested in getting started, please let me know and we can talk about how you can get started rehabbing.


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