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John Marion is a Real Estate Agent with REMAX Town & Country in Canton, GA

Breaking and Entering for
Real Estate Investment Profits

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This story takes place before I got my real estate license. Sandra Watkins and I now work together with RE/MAX Town & Country in Canton, GA. We work with investors throughout the area, especially in North Metro Atlanta.

Breaking and Entering for Real Estate Investment Profits

My real estate agent showed me 12 investment properties in one afternoon for me to do some quick home inspections. All of them were concentrated in the Acworth area of Cherokee County in North Metro Atlanta.

At one house my investor friendly agent, Sandra Watkins with REMAX Town & Country, was having a hard time with the key she removed from the lock box.

The key worked for the door knob but not the dead bolt. The key wouldn't fit into the dead bolt lock and the door wouldn't open.

Sandra called the listing agent to explain the problem.

Here is some of what I heard Sandra say on our side of the phone conversation:

"The dead bolt doesn't work?"

"The door sticks closed that bad?"

"My client is a man and he is trying to open it. It seems like the door is locked with the dead bolt."

"Ok the dead bolt lock doesn't work and the door sticks."

"What? Slam it open with his shoulder? Ok, I'll tell him. Thanks. Good bye."

After Sandra's phone conversation with the listing agent, I gave the door a good push by slamming my shoulder against the door as I turned the door knob.

The door was indeed stuck....stuck closed with the dead bolt lock. Ooops! The door frame just broke!

At least I got in and had an opportunity to inspect the property.

Schlague dead bolt lock with broken door frame.

Broken door frame after door was forced open with locked dead bolt. Supra lock box.


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