Real Estate Investor Services

I provide a wide range of services for real estate investors.

  • Property Acquisition
  • Property Management
  • Exit Strategies & Services

Property Acquisition

You want to acquire investment property at a discount in order to maximize your return. By adding value through repairs and renovations or holding rental property for monthly cash flow, your money is leveraged when you purchase at a discount, preferably a deep discount.

Your criteria regarding the type of investment property you want, your minimum ROI requirements, and targeted Cap Rate are all factors which I and my team will use to locate properties for you.

If you want to buy one property or a portfolio of properties, I’ll work on finding what you want.

And my team of real estate professionals will manage the entire process from identifying suitable property, negotiating the terms of the deal, preparing the purchase contract, managing due diligence deadlines, and closing on the property.

In short, I make the process of identifying and acquiring investment property in the North Metro Atlanta area as easy as possible for my clients.

Property Management

Do you enjoy working with tenants who live in your investment property?

Did you answer no? If so, you are like most investors. After all, the whole idea of buying investment property is to leverage your time and money for either significant capital appreciation or passive income.

Let’s face it, property management is not a responsibility most investors want to take on. Many investors who get into real estate and try to manage their own property soon realize that this is best left to professionals.

My property management company manages all types of residential real estate: apartment buildings, multi-family units, single family homes, and HOA condominium associations. We have the capacity to take on either one or two additional units at a time, or a bulk portfolio of units and apartment buildings for property management.

Exit Strategies and Services

Are you looking to exit out of the market or liquidate a portion of your real estate portfolio?

You are probably aware that you should be careful about how you liquidate your real estate holdings. Navigating the mine field of capital gains taxes, 1031 exchanges, and tax deferred options can be a barrier to selling off your real estate.

As a REALTORĀ®Ā  who entered the real estate business as an investor before becoming a licensed agent, I’m aware of the issues that confront real estate investors.

And I’ve built up a network of real estate professionals who specialize in providing services to investors who are considering selling their real estate. I’m talking about accountants, financial planners, and tax attorneys.

So if you are considering selling your investment property in North Metro Atlanta, please contact me and let’s begin the conversation so you can carefully consider the options that are best for you. And if you are outside the Atlanta region, I may be able to refer you to someone in your area who can help.

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