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I Took My Real Estate License Exam at School


In October 2011 I enrolled in an online course to study for my real estate license. Three weeks later I took the exam at the school.

After I received the passing test, I became eligible to enroll for the final exam with the State of Georgia Real Estate Commission a few days later.

For anyone thinking about studying to get your real estate license, here is my recommendation. I have some suggestions. I hope these will be helpful to you as you consider how to go about getting your real estate license.


I took an online course for the real estate license and finished in two weeks. Since I had a real estate investing background, a large portion of the course content was not new to me. I have been talking to professionals such as real estate attorneys, lenders, agents, appraisers, and full time investors for several years in the normal course of my business.

Even with my experience and knowledge, there was a lot of new content and concepts to learn.

I would recommend the online self study course for anyone who is highly motivated to get through the material at their own pace. This option allows you to go through the material FAST, especially if you have some previous knowledge and background in real estate. I think it would be difficult and slow going this way if you are new to real estate.

Real Estate License Exam Cram Course Math, Wills and Leases, Laws and Rules


After finishing my online course, I decided to enroll in a two day cram course offered by Barney Fletcher Schools in Atlanta. I'm glad I took the cram course, as it helped me in two areas:

1. LEARNING HOW TO TAKE THE REAL ESTATE LICENSE EXAM - The cram course opened my eyes to how one's knowledge is tested by the use of different types of questions. Evidently the exam questions can be very tricky and it takes some practice to understand what different types of questions may or may not be asking. It is easy to assume a question requires a particular answer, but when examining the question carefully, the information being asked becomes clearer. I learned not to read too much into the questions!

2. EXPOSING AREAS OF WEAKNESS IN MY REAL ESTATE KNOWLEDGE - During the two day cram course, the teacher exposed the students to every area covered in the course through the use of questions. There was no new content taught in the class but through the use of the questions, I became very aware of the particular topics that I needed study more. This enabled me to focus my final study time to that content which I needed to learn in order to pass the exam.

I would highly recommend a cram course such as the one I took in order to prepare for the real estate license exam, unless you have previous experience taking exams of this type. The questions can be tricky and if you are not prepared, you will get tripped up during the exam.


I would suggest a full classroom course for anyone wanting to get their real estate license who has no background in real estate. I honestly can't imagine absorbing all the content required to pass the exam by going it alone with no previous real estate experience. Taking a live class with other students in a classroom environment may be your best option.



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