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This is a test page to see how Google ads appear on my website.

Why Use Google Ads?

I use Google ads on some of my marketing pages and posts in order to create some additional revenue. The idea behind this is that some visitors to my website do not find exactly what they are looking for and the display of an ad may have the content the visitor wants.

WordPress Theme Slimmy

The WordPress theme that I’m using for my website is call Slimmy. This is important to know, because in addition to the appearances of WordPress themes, each theme has a variety of options that control how a page or post displays on a website browser.

Some themes will allow the webmaster to control various features on pages and posts. The Slimmy themes does not allow me to prevent the right hand sidebar from appearing on individual posts like other WordPress themes allow you to do.

Google AdSense Ads

I’m using and testing a variety of Google ad units on different pages and posts of my website. The reason I have created this test page is to see how different size ads and different types of ads appear on the site.

Google Ads With Pictures and Headings

I’ve noticed that Google ads appear differently depending on where I place the code. For example, some ads are place before or after photographs or headings appear differently from the visual editor and the live view on a web browser. It takes a little trial and error to get the ads to appear in a way that looks best on a web page.

Google Ad Unit Tests

Here are some tests using various Google Ad Units.

Ad Links 728×15

The ad unit above is from code that was place immediately after the heading, “Ad Links 728×15,” which is a “Heading 3.” The ad content and size is Ad Links, 728×15. As you can see, this ad unit is too wide for the particular theme I’m using on my website, so it should not be used.

Text Image, 320×100

This ad unit is also immediately after a Heading 3 heading which says “Text Image, 320×100.”

Ad Links, 468×15

Once again, the code for the ad above has been placed immediately after the Heading 3. In this case it says “Ad Links, 468×15.”

Preliminary Marketing Ad Test Results

Based on the appearance of the various Google ads in the previous section, it’s easy to conclude so far that the best appearing ads are both the Text Image, 320×100 and the Ad Links, 468×15. I’m thinking that the 468×15 Ad Links might be the best option to use between paragraphs.

To test how the Ad Links, 468×15 Google ad shows up between paragraphs, I have place the code for that ad after the previous paragraph and this paragraph. I like the way it displays and I’m thinking this is a very good option to use within the main body of a page within paragraph formatted text and not immediately after a heading.

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